Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What does coffee really cost?

This morning, I had Phil wake me up when he woke up (I had instructed him to not let me talk him into letting me sleep again, so I didn't even try to) at 7:30. I ate breakfast, drank coffee, and watched an episode of Gilmore Girls.

I had 2 cups of coffee, and I was still dozing off come 8:45 (15 minutes before my scheduled run). What's up with that? Am I really so addicted to coffee that 2 mugs does virtually nothing anymore? Or could this be a result of me running and not properly fueling myself? I know I get enough of the basic stuff, i.e. protein, fat, fiber, etc. but I don't really pay much attention to my iron intake or various vitamins. I'm going to start taking that multi-vit, I really am, and maybe that will make a difference. I wish people actually read this so they can give me advice.

Anyway, I moved my lazy butt outside and started my run, which I had mapped out using my training log from I thought 4 miles outside was a little ambitious, since that's my treadmill limit and I've only run outside once this summer (Sunday) and it didn't go well. Today, however, started out well, probably because my neighborhood is pretty and I recently discovered a whole area that I'd ever been before down Front St. There was a little path surrounded by flowers for a good 4 or 5 blocks-- nice! I baskd in "nature" for a moment or two before veering into the dirty city which we all know so well.

I really do hate running past smokers. I don't blame them at all, in fact I blame myself for mapping out a course that goes through one of the busiest areas of the city. But dare inhale next to someone enjoying their morning fix, and your throat immediately constricts. Ah well, lesson learned. Or maybe it wasn't really that bad.

Anyways, despite dirty Philly, I ran the full 4.1 miles. I didn't think I was going to make it at the end, but I found hidden strength and pulled through. Yay for me.


Mark Salinas said...

Great job! Yay for you is right! :)

EmLit said...

I have a really hard time running past smokers too and the thing is that I usually run into them on walking/running/biking paths. I don't want to begrudge someone their nicotine fix but it really is unpleasant to inhale, especially when you are on a hard run and fresh air is really important.

As for your fatigue, it may be that you are just adjusting to a new schedule and as you spend more time running more (or more frequently, or at a different time in the day) things will get a bit easier and you will feel more awake. Some people really like running in the morning while still tired because they claim they don't even wake up until they are halfway through. I don't really buy that, though