Monday, August 25, 2008

Catching Up

Week 4, Run 2: 4 miles
Week 4, Run 3: 4.4 miles
Week 5, Run 1: 4.5 miles in 39 minutes

I sort of lost my blog updating motivation last week-- whoops! I'll do better this week, I'm sure.

This weekend eded up being busier than usual and I wasn't able to fit in my long run, so I missed a 4th run altogether, sadly. I plan on doing a long run both tomorrow and on Friday (my two days off this week) to make up for it.

Today's run was great, expecially since I didn't run all weekend and I felt like crap! Gosh, it sure is easy to get addicted to those endorphins, huh?

On another note, after this Friday I'll be working 7 days straight before leaving for California on September 6th. I plan on using Runner's World to map my runs on my 2 week vacation, and I can't wait to be exposed to some other areas! I've run in Covelo before, but never more than 2 miles, and San Diego will definitely be a new experience. I'm also looking forward to the lack of humidity and nice, cool mornings. :)

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