Sunday, August 10, 2008


Week 3, Run 1: 5.4 miles in 51 mins (9:28/mi)

First off, didn't run yesterday. I don't feel bad about it, because I actually hit the 4 run mark w/out running yesterday, and that's progress enough.

This morning, I had been planning on doing my "long" run, but wasn't so sure if I could do more than 4 miles outside. It was really nice out, though-- nice and breezy, pre-storm weather, and actually under 80 degrees! Amazing, I know. So I mapped out a route down to the Schuykill river and along it for a bt that equalled 5 miles total, and then I went for it.

The first half was really hard, and I all I could think about was how hard the run back would be. But once I reached the river and was treated to the cross winds, I found some hidden energy and perked up a bit. I felt like I was running really slow, but that was okay. I'm still a beginner. I used to live right around there, and last summer I ran along the river every day-- now that's a great place to run! Running further and further is like a reward for your efforts because the farther out you go the prettier it is.

On the way back I ran up the steepest hill so I could get it over with quickly, then settled down into a slower pace. It was then that I realized why the way out was so hard: it was all uphill! The second half of my run was all downhill and such a breeze that I tacked on an extra .4 miles and ended up finishing in 51 minutes.

And boy, did I stretch.

And eat a great lunch : see?

And now I'm going to work with a nice amount of endorphines, on a lovely rainy Sunday, feeling very proud of myself for sticking through that whole run. That was my first 5 mile-straight run in my life.



EmLit said...

Congratulations! 9:28 isn't really a slow pace, you know. It's faster than I have been running lately, anyway.

Binx said...

oh, actually that is fast for me ad i was surprised to see that i was running that. i thought it would have been 10:30 or so! i'm totally cool with 9:28/mile. :)