Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting a strong core

Week 3, Run 3: 3.22 mi in 30:00 min.

Whew! The knees are hurtin'.

I had an easy 5k run on the treadmill this morning, after finally doing some weights. My old swim coach (as in childhood, from when I lived in Maryland) is the Fitness Manager at the gym I now go to in Philly-- small world, eh? When I first joined, he set up a weight plan for me, and I do it sporadically at best. Yesterday he got on my case about it, so I promised I'd start doing it for real.

Realistically, I really should. Strength training will help me with running, keep me toned, and it's something to do while I'm waiting to digest my breakfast instead of watching TV at home. :) So I tried it this morning, and I'm feeling good.

I have the day off tomorrow, so if my knees aren't hurting too much, I'm going to try to do my long run. Sunday's was great, but going to work afterwards and standing/running around for 8 hours was not an easy feat by any means. Anytime I run before work, my lower back kills me the rest of the day.. but the more I run, the worse it is. Naturally.

Well, time to hop on the bike and go slice bread! We've all got to earn a living somehow.

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