Monday, August 4, 2008

Feeling better?

Back to the 4 mile treadmill runs, if you were wondering. Yesterday taught me that I definitely need to concentrate on that particular goal in which I run outside at least once a week. It also taught me that I might not be ready for a "long" run. I mean, 4 miles is long for me.

Week 2, Run 2: 4 miles, 35 minutes (CD not included)

When I started going to the gym and running on the treadmill, I was running at 5.6 mph. It slowly increased and now I start at 6.5 and end at 8.5 for a sprint. The main reason was to fit more mileage in the same amount of time, since it's a gym and you're really only supposed to do 30 min, which no one ever sticks to. Needless to say, I feel like maybe I should stop increasing (I do 10 min @ 6.5, 10 min @ 6.7, 10 min @ 6.9, 3 min @ 7.5, 1 min @ 8, 1 min @ 8.5.... how's that for complicated?) and just do 40 minutes at 6.7 mph. I don't necessarily want to be faster, now, but I would like more endurance.

My next run will be Wednesday, so I'll give that a shot!

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EmLit said...

running at different speeds during the same workout is actually really good for you, and there are different ways to do it (i.e. tempo run, steady increase, fartlek, etc). You don't have to do every run like this but you should try and include one to two days of this sort of thing in your training every week. It will really help you get stronger and faster at the same time.