Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I will walk past the scale, I will walk past the scale...

Sometimes it's really hard to not step on a scale when it's right there, but I did it this morning. I walked on by. I weighed myself on Sunday and there's no point in weighing myself 2 days later! I'll just feel bad if I weigh more. Better to save up that guiltiness for next Sunday.

Run 1: Sunday. 4 miles in 35 min, not including my cool down and run home (which is only about .4 miles)
Run 2: Tuesday (today). 4 miles in 35 min, again not including cool down and run home.

Today's run was really difficult. I usually enjoy it, watching mindless crap on the boobtube. I typically start out at a specific mph and increase .2 every ten minutes until the last five minutes, when i bump it up a lot and sprint for the last few. I love upping the speed and pushing myself, but today I was feeling super sluggish. I did it anyway, and I'm glad, it was just more of a struggle. Maybe I need to start taking those multi-vits once and for all. Phil's mom bought me special mini ones because I hate swallowing pills.

I also got me a free training log from the Runner's World website. My sister has a Nike+ and it does amazing things while tracking her progress and stuff. I wish I had one! But the Runner's World training log is the next best (free) thing, and it gives you cool widgets to post on your blog, so that might be the next thing I do.

Welllll. Perhaps I will do some abs?

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