Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I had wanted to get in some XT today, but I woke up at 9 (too much sleep) and I feel rushed if I have to go to the gym when I wake up that late. Or am I just being lazy? I'll let you decide.

Anyways, that made me think about my routine. I like to wake up, eat breakfast and drink coffee and water, then gym it. This means that I have to cook breakfast (I've been having tofu scrambles lately) and then wait an hour after I eat it. I usually end up waiting more because I've started to do something and need to finish. I've been thinking lately about getting some sort of protein shake, and this morning it is really making sense. It would make my breakfast consumption so much faster, meaning I could chill and drink coffee during the hour I wait for my food to digest.

Speaking of coffee, I thought I'd write down some general goals:
  • Run without coffee in the morning.
  • Run 4x/ week, XT 1x
  • Run 1-2x outside
  • Wake up with Phil (7:30am)
  • Start an ab program, be it pilates or crunches or whatev.

And for the rest of the week, I am aiming for (i'm making my week start on mondays now, so technically i only have one run so far this week):
  • Run 3: Thurs: 3 mi
  • XT 1: Fri: 35 min.
  • Run 4: Sat: 3 mi
I'll hopefully be starting next week with a long outdoor run on Sunday-- my first one this summer! Whoo!
  • Run 1: Sun: 6 mi
  • Run 2: Tues: 4 mi
  • XT 1: Wed: 35 minutes
  • Run 3: Thurs: 3 mi
  • Run 4: Friday: 4 mi

That will be my first 6 miles (ever) and I will probably not actually do it. So we'll see! I mapped out the route, but it may be a bit ambitious. :)

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